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"When I worked at City Hall and needed a moment to strengthen my spirit I would walk over, light a candle and have time to pray on my lunch hour. It was a refuge in the midst of the busiest city in the world." ~A.R


Since 1916, the tiny St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church fulfilled an important ministry in the heart of the World Trade Center for generations.

For many, St. Nicholas was a place to pray and meditate, to light candles as part of their work day, a place where joys were shared, or a place of consolation in times of loss.

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church was a refuge in the midst of the busiest city in the world.

We want to capture those memories and relate the stories of the important ministry and role that St. Nicholas played in the heart of New York's financial district. If you have a fond memory or story about St. Nicholas you'd like to share, then tell us:

Together, we can #RebuildStNicholas


"The first time I visited St.Nicholas (1993) I was walking on my lunch hour and saw someone go in. I was so happy the doors were open. I entered and felt like I was at home. The warmth and beauty made you forget you were in downtown manhattan. This was the first of many weekly visits I made, as well as attending Holy Week services. It was a place I treasured and shared with many co-workers, friends and family. My mother and I had my YiaYia's [grandmother's] one year memorial there. I look forward to bringing my children to the new St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and begin new memories." — J. D.

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Message from His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew
It is on this great and historic occasion that we greet all of you from the martyric Mother Church of Constantinople with much love and joy, as you gather together to officially commence the rising from the ashes of our beloved Saint Nicholas National Shrine located in the heart of New York City at the World Trade Center.